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Welcome to the home of the Hebrew portion of jman1.com. By following the image links below, you can access the various features offered by this site, including a large database of prayers, a flashcard-generating application, and more.

The Hebrew text on this site makes use of a font called SBL Hebrew. While it is not imperative that said font be installed, it is highly recommended that you have the font installed on your system prior to attempting to access any Hebrew characters on this site. If the font is not downloaded, the text will still appear, though there may be formatting issues associated with the default font. To download SBL Hebrew, you can click on this link and follow the webpage directions for the download most appropriate for you.

The default for this website is to include all niqqud. However, all pages that display Hebrew text have an option to remove the vowels and other diacritic marks from display. Due to formatting, however, the meteg is not included in any text displayed on this website.

To read the terms and conditions of using this site, as well as the disclaimers, click this link.

Enjoy the site!

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