Terms and Conditions: Hebrew Site

By using the portion of jman1.com rooted at www.jman1.com/Hebrew, the user agrees that no profit can come of any products generated through use of this site, including (but not limited to): flashcards, prayer packets, text posters. The user also agrees that all code, layouts, concepts, and implementations are the sole intellectual property of Justin Millman.

Justin's Hebrew Markup Language ("JHML") is an original language developed by Justin Millman. The logic, code, or concept of such a language is not to be replicated, reproduced, edited, or copied in any way. JHML is the sole intellectual property of Justin Millman.

Justin may, at any time, waive his rights and allow for any of the above prohibited measures. However, in the absenece of such a waiver, any violations of the above Terms and Conditions consitutes a copyright violation.


All metegs have been removed from the Hebrew texts for display reasons. The texts reflect Justin's Reform Judaism upbringing; no promises of accuracy are made about any of the texts in the database of this site. Transliterations are not copied from any external source and are instead generated by Justin on his own merits. Cantillation marks are excluded entirely from the content of this site. Not all prayers nor all songs are included; the inclusion of a particular text is at the discretion of Justin of the site and Justin alone.

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