Justin's Hebrew Markup Language: JHML

A simple way to generate Hebrew text online

תשרקץ צףפעס ןנםמל ךכיטח זוהדג בא

\+\-\.\..\...\_... \odot\:\+:\-:\...:\* \--\bar\shd\sd
ִֵֶַָ ְֲֳֹֻ ֱּ־ֽׁ ׂ

\(,)\(')\(:)\(;)\(.)\(!)\(?) \(")\(\)\<br>
,':;.!? "()spaceline break

Type the JHML codes shown at the top of the screen into the field below to generate Hebrew text. The Hebrew will appear to the left of the entry field. For example, the combination of JHML codes \B\*\+\R\V\*\CHF\: will generate the Hebrew text בָּרוּךְ. The string in the field above is the Unicode string representing the Hebrew text; that Unicode can easily be copied and pasted into HTML to display on webpages.

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