Aegis: A Tutor-Tracking Application


Aegis Logo

Aegis is a tutor tracking application designed and written by Justin Millman. The aim of this program is to allow institutions to move away from paper tutoring records and digitize all of their information.

Current features include control of materials; activation/inactivation of students, teachers, and tutors; up-to-date summaries of students' and tutors' histories; and many other things.

Other features are (hopefully) on the way.

Currently, Aegis is not preloaded with any materials. Be on the lookout for quick material installation packages in the (hopefully) near future.

To download and install Aegis, click here. The download will begin automatically.

Aegis currently runs only on Windows operating systems.

In addition to Aegis itself, you will need to have Microsoft Access (or the MS Access runtime environment), as well as the Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0 or later. Please install these features if they are not already installed on your computer.