Cartamachy: How To Play

Cartamachy is very similar to the standard card game war. A Cartamachy deck is comprised of thirty (30) cards, each representing a different character, figure, location, object, or other entity. Each card has the same five (5) categorical headings, but with different point values corresponding specifically to that character. A single 'round' is played between the top card in the player's hand and the top card in the computer's hand.

At the beginning of the game, the player makes the categorical selection. If the value in that category for the player's card is larger than the value in that category for the computer's card, then the player wins the round and puts both cards at the bottom of his/her deck. If the player's value is less than or equal to the computer's value, the computer wins. The winner of the 'round' gets to make the categorical selection for the next 'round.'

The game ends when either the player or the computer has acquired all the cards into his/her/its deck.

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