Cartamachy Disclaimer

Cartamachy comes from the Greek words "carta" (meaning "card") and "machy" (meaning "fight").

Cartamachy was created in concept from Top Trumps, a card game first published in 1968. Cartamachy is in no way meant to take away from the profiting power of the publishers of Top Trumps or any Top Trumps subsidiaries.

All images used in creation of the Cartamachy cards are copyrighted respective to the decks (i.e. Nickelodeon, Disney, etc.). The use of these images is in no way meant infringe on copyright-protected material. Likewise, names are the property of the respective holders.

The cards' images themselves are the exclusive property of Justin Millman. The unauthorized reproduction of the cards without the consent of Justin is prohibited.

In most cases, the category values are arbitrary and were created at the discretion of Justin. They are not to be questioned.

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